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Please see below for audition information for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

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Orpheus Theatre’s Auditions for:
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Performance Dates:

November 1st at 7:30pm

November 2nd at 3pm

November 3rd at 3pm
November 8th at 7:30pm

November 9th at 3pm

November 10th at 3pm

(Rehearsals been in late August/Early September. Production week begins October 27.)


Audition Dates:

Audition Day #1: Fri. August 2, 6:30PM

Southside Mall


Audition Day #2: Sat. August 3, 6:30PM

Southside Mall


Callbacks: Sun. August 4, Time TBA

Southside Mall



This multiple Tony Award-winning musical tells the story of a regional spelling bee, at which six quirky fourth graders (played by adults) are competing for the grand prize: a $200 savings bond, and a chance to compete in the national bee in D.C. What starts as a friendly competition between a gaggle of brilliant students becomes an exciting, cutthroat race to the top, a hilarious farcical spectacle, and a deeply moving exploration of loss, loneliness, and young love. To create the more immersive audience experience that this show requires, this production will be staged in Foothills’ Production Center!


Production Team:

Directed by Michael Tamburrino

Musical Direction by Karen Clark Snitchler

Choreography by Allie Tabor-Church


What to expect at auditions:

Auditioning actors will be asked to sing the “Finale” of the show for their initial audition piece. Sheet music and a link to the YouTube recordings can be found below. Actors will also be asked to learn a short excerpt of choreography and are recommended to wear comfortable clothes to facilitate easy movement. Callbacks will take place the following Sunday, and the callback cuts for each character are available in advance below. The creative team recommends you familiarize yourself early with any characters you’re interested in. Callbacks will also feature additional cold reads and choreography.


Audition & Callback Cuts:


Initial General Audition Cut — “Finale”

Measures: #1-39. [MUSIC HERE]

YouTube Timestamp (00:00-01:01):


Chip Callback Cut — “Pandemonium”

Measures: #133-160 [MUSIC HERE]

YouTube Timestamp (02:01-2:27):


Leaf Callback Cut — “I’m Not That Smart”

Measures: #47-68 [MUSIC HERE]

YouTube Timestamp (01:58-END)


Logainne Callback Cut — “Woe is Me”

Measures: #18-39 [MUSIC HERE]

YouTube Timestamp (00:24—0:55):


Marcy Callback Cut — “I Speak Six Languages”

Measures: #18-52 [MUSIC HERE]

YouTube Timestamp (00:30-1:16)


Mitch Callback Cut — “Prayer of the Comfort Counselor”

Measures: #38-67 [MUSIC HERE]

YouTube Timestamp (01:18-END):


Olive Callback Cut — “The I Love You Song” 

Measures: #94-130 [MUSIC HERE]

YouTube Timestamp (02:42-3:54):


Panch Callback Cut — NON-SINGING ROLE

Will be asked to read at auditions/callbacks.


Rona Callback Cut— “The I Love You Song”

Measures: #26-74 [MUSIC HERE]

YouTube Timestamp (00:52-02:09)


Rona and Father (Harmony) Callback Cut— "The I Love You Song”

Measures: #74-91 [MUSIC HERE]

YouTube Timestamp (02:09-02:42)


William Callback Cut — “Magic Foot”

Measures: #67-101 [MUSIC HERE]

YouTube Timestamp (01:41-END):



Character Descriptions:


Rona Lisa Peretti ( age 30+, Female-identifying)

The county’s top realtor, Rona serves as moderator of the Bee and daydreams about winning the trophy herself decades ago.
Other roles— Olive’s Mother.
Vocal Range — B3-F5. 
Along with impressive vocal control, improv skills are desired.


Douglass Panch (age 30+, Male-identifying)
The Vice Principal, standing in for the usual word pronouncer. He’s returning to the Bee for the first time since “the incident” five years ago, and harbors an unrequited infatuation for Rona.
Other roles — N/A
Vocal Range — Non-singing
Impeccable comic timing and character work are critical. Improv skills are also a must, as Panch literally runs the show.


Chip Tolentino (20+ Male-Identifying)
Last year’s spelling bee champion, Chip is returning to reclaim the top prize. He’s enormously competitive and self-critical, but unfortunately finds some major life changes beginning to hit him at the most inopportune moments. 
Other roles — Jesus Christ

Vocal Range — C3-B5. 

Role features sustained high notes, and some of the most difficult vocal parts in the show. Very physical.

Logainne SchwartsandGrubinierre (20+ Female Identifying)

A political force of nature, Logainne is the youngest speller in the competition, and a force to be reckoned with. She constantly goes on tirades about current events, and is under immense pressure from her Dads.

Other roles — Leaf’s Mom

Vocal Range — A3-F5
Must be able to sustain a convincing lisp for nearly the entire performance. Improv skills desired.


Leaf Coneybear (20+ Male/Non-binary Identifying)

Leaf’s just glad to be here. He was the 2nd runner up in the regional Bee, and has arrived at the championship by default because the other two finalists are unable to make it. Growing up with his family on a hippie commune, he’s homeschooled, quirky, constantly distracted, and has a huge heart.
Other roles — Carl Grubinierre

Vocal Range — A2-A4

This performer needs to be a talented physical comedian, capable of making bold character choices.

William Barfée (20+ Male Identifying, Non-binary Identifying)

A finalist at last year’s bee, William was disqualified after having an allergic reaction to peanuts. He has a quick temper, a single working nostril, and a revolutionary method of spelling out his words on the floor using his “Magic Foot” technique.   

Other roles — Leaf’s Dad

Vocal Range — E2-B4

An excellent role for a dancer with physical comedy skills, capable of sustaining a bold character voice/dialect. Tap experience is a plus!


Marcy Park (20+ Female Identifying)
The most accomplished and intimidating competitor in the Bee, Marcy made it to Nationals last year and is probably here to win it all. She speaks six languages, plays multiple sports, is a piano virtuoso, and is sick of always winning. She is not allowed to cry. 

Other roles — Leaf’s Sister

Vocal Range — C4-E5

A bonus if the actor is able to play an instrument, and has physical talents of any kind (i.e. juggling, jump-roping, gymnastics).  

Olive Ostrovsky (18+ Female Identifying)
New to competitive spelling and new to the area, Olive doesn’t know anyone in town. Her mother is on a spiritual quest in an Indian Ashram, and her father never shows up despite his repeated promises. Her best friend is her dictionary. Relatively shy, but by the end of the show, finds her sense of self. 

Other roles — N/A

Vocal Range — B3-F5
One of the most demanding vocal roles in the show, this role calls for an unassuming physical presence, and the ability to belt like there’s no tomorrow.


Mitch/Meg Mahoney  (30+ Male/Female Identifying)
The Bee’s comfort counselor, Mitch eases the pain of spellers as they’re eliminated by handing them juice boxes. He’s an ex-con, who’s signed up for this as part of his community service. Tough and intimidating exterior, but really a big softy.  

Other roles — Olive’s Dad, Dan Schwartz

Vocal Range — C3-B4

Impeccable comic timing and character work are critical. Improv skills are also a must.

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